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Generation Qixxit: Multimodal Travel with HAFAS

Hannover Jun 30, 2014

With Qixxit, Deutsche Bahn (DB) launched a neutral mobility portal that was technically implemented by HaCon and facilitates individual and intermodal travel planning which up to now required visiting various websites of different travel providers. In addition to short- and long-distance rail and bus connections, Qixxit covers private means of transport such as the user's own car, car sharing, park & ride and bike & ride options, rental cars and bikes, several long-distance bus services, taxis, bikeways, footpaths and even flights. The intelligent HAFAS algorithm behind the system guarantees fast search results that support travel planning at the best possible rate.

On demand, Qixxit sorts the different travel options by time and price – even the respective CO2 emissions are displayed. Personal preferences are also factored in, e.g., the user's individual bike speed or if he or she owns a car. "We aim to provide each and everyone with customized search results," said Friederike Aulhorn, project leader Qixxit at DB. "This does not imply a preferential treatment of any means of transport – it is rather the variety of multimodal travel options that helps users to find out the best way from door to door."

In addition to the different means of transport, Qixxit also links the devices used to access the portal, and considers the respective strengths of stationary computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. After an initial registration, users can save and manage routes and define preferred parameters that will automatically be synchronized. Individual journeys can thus be planned and accessed anywhere on any device – this guarantees maximum flexibility.

As an innovative feature, Qixxit offers a travel companion service that provides route-specific notifications during the journey. For example, travelers appreciate reminders of the next change and information on delays. The portal is constantly being streamlined and has some exciting plans: In the future, all tickets for the selected combination of transport means will be available directly via Qixxit. In the long run, the portal will link all relevant booking sites and enable integrated ticketing.

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