As an active member of various associations, we stand up for the interests of transport suppliers, travelers and everybody else who ensures that the mobility sector advances and who profits from its development. To do so, we exchange experiences, concentrate causes and reach for goals jointly.


alice Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe

Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Niedersachsen-Bremen e.V.

Deutsches Verkehrsforum e.V.

Förderverein Logistics Alliance e.V.

International Union For Road-Rail Combined Transport

ITS mobility Nord

Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft Hannover e.V.

Logistikportal Niedersachsen e.V.

New Opera, Inc.

SGKV Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr

Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

UITP - International Association of Public Transport

unife The European Rail Industry

ZukunftINC. Initiative Marktführer Hannover. e.V.