Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)

Software for the Integration of DRT into Trip Planning Systems

Demand Responsive Transport, DRT in short, could become a game changer for public transport. Operators are complementing their services with demand-responsive offers that help passengers to cover, for example, the first and last mile of their trips. This constitutes an important link within intermodal transport chains, the core of Mobility as a Service. Above all, when urban outskirts and suburbs are no longer served in the evening or at night, DRT offers a new alternative to the private car.

Together with our partner, the French start-up Padam Mobility, we offer solutions for on-demand services that can be easily integrated into your MaaS platform.

How does it work? DRT in a Nutshell

Advanced DRT systems consist of a dispatching software as well as apps for mobile devices on the customer and driver side. The vehicles receive their routes based on advance or real-time bookings. The most efficient route in each case is calculated by an algorithm depending on the passengers' pick-up and destination points.