Easy Ticketing at the Optimal Price

Travelers want to get from A to B as easily and comfortably as possible. This includes a fast and simple ticket purchase. With its innovative Next Generation Ticketing solutions, our subsidiary and ticketing specialist eos.uptrade from Hamburg optimally complements our HAFAS product portfolio.

Managing Director Michael Kujas explains how eos.uptrade, in cooperation with Siemens Mobility, makes ticketing easy – for your customers and for you as well.

Michael, tell us how eos.uptrade’s solutions meet all the requirements of innovative ticketing!

Sure! Our Next Generation Ticketing solution makes traveling with public transport easier than ever before: Once users are registered, there’s almost nothing left to do in order to buy a ticket! No need for puzzling over fare boards or tariff zone plans, and no more standing in line at the ticket machine. With our solutions, passengers simply get on board. Our Check-in/Check-out (CiCo), for example, requires no more than a simple swipe on the passenger’s smartphone when boarding and leaving a bus or train – the best fare will be calculated automatically.    

But passengers will have to remember to check out at the end of their trip...?

That's true for CiCo. But, it can be topped up with automated push messages as check-out reminders. The app will automatically send them if the traveler’s location suggests that the trip has ended. It assists them with their check-out, so to speak. That’s why the solution is called CiaCo, check-in-assisted check-out. But there’s more: With Be-in/Be-out (BiBo), the app automatically detects where the trip begins and where it ends. Users don’t even have to get their smartphones out. To make sure each trip is calculated correctly, we rely on a mix of GPS tracking, Bluetooth beacons, and motion tracking. CiCo and BiBo can also be used in combination, as Check-in/Be-out.

This sounds very comfortable indeed, especially for passengers. But what about implementing such a solution – isn’t it quite complex?

Not for our customers: We can seamlessly integrate all variations of our Next Generation Ticketing into existing HAFAS trip planners or mobile ticketing apps. The ticket layout as well as the format are flexible and can be adapted to the existing solution. This way, transport providers can present their customers with yet another advanced feature, while passengers can continue to use their familiar app. Also good to know is that all of our ticketing variations are built on one another: CiCo or CiaCo can be expanded to become BiBo. And another key benefit: All data and customer interfaces remain under the control of the transport operators.

And who calculates the fare?

The intelligent HAFAS tariff module, for example, guarantees an automatic best-price ticket at the end of each trip. The app collects all trips made and calculates the cheapest fare. Next Generation Ticketing even allows for another level of price optimization: The users’ trips can be summarized over a specific period of time, for example during one day or a whole month. Within this time frame, the app combines all individual trips and issues a day ticket, for example. This means the utmost comfort for the passenger and actually encourages people to use buses and trains more often.

Thank you for the interview!