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Nationwide MaaS platform for Spain

with Hacon technology

Siemens Mobility and everis have been awarded a 5-year contract by Renfe, the national railway company of Spain, to develop and operate a countrywide, intelligent Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform.

The comprehensive digital platform will integrate various modes of shared and public transport, such as train, bicycle, metro, bus, car sharing, and scooter services, so passengers can easily identify and directly book the trip option that best meets their needs. Once completed, the platform will be available in 27 cities across Spain including metropolitan areas like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Sevilla.

Siemens Mobility will provide the core technology for the system, while the multinational consulting firm everis will supply the system integration and support for the commercial operation, including the marketing and legal aspects.

Siemens Mobility’s intermodal digital solutions are powered by its subsidiaries Hacon, eos.uptrade, Bytemark and Padam Mobility. With its trip planning software HAFAS provided by Hacon, Siemens Mobility has successfully implemented intermodal MaaS systems across the world including, Dubai, Denmark, Luxembourg, Andorra and soon to be Netherlands, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.

Read more in the Siemens Mobility press release

Hacon Welcomes Padam Mobility to the Siemens Mobility Family

Siemens Mobility has announced that it has acquired Padam Mobility, Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for on-demand and paratransit software solutions, headquartered in Paris, France. The acquisition intensifies Siemens Mobility's commitment and engagement in the field of intermodal mobility solutions.

The market is increasingly acknowledging that on-demand services are a useful and attractive supplement to the traditional, timetable-based public transportation system. These services help to bridge the service gaps in low-frequency periods and low- to mid-density regions as well as on the first and last mile – and they do this in a way that is efficient for operators and convenient for passengers at the same time.

“Joining the Siemens Mobility family for intermodal travel is a tremendous opportunity. It will make Padam Mobility's ambitions even more relevant: reconnecting territories, making mobility policies more impactful in the low and mid-density areas, and offering modern paratransit services. Siemens Mobility's trust in our team, our vision and our agility will make our foundations stronger,” said Grégoire Bonnat, Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility.


... in the Siemens Mobility press release

... in our interview with Grégoire Bonnat

Siemens Mobility, Hacon and eos.uptrade to develop Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform for the Netherlands

Siemens Mobility will sign a contract in the Netherlands with the joint venture RiVier (NS, HTM and RET) to develop a countrywide, intelligent Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform. The MaaS platform to be delivered in the autumn will allow providers to integrate travel planning. The technological core of the MaaS platform is supplied by Siemens Mobility subsidiaries Hacon and eos.uptrade.

“Creating the perfect passenger experience requires cooperation across the industry. It is inspiring to see how NS, RET and HTM are joining forces to make the mobility landscape in the Netherlands even more attractive. We at Hacon and eos.uptrade are very proud to bring our know-how and solutions to this trail-blazing project”, says Michael Frankenberg, CEO of Hacon and Head of Intermodal Solutions at Siemens Mobility.

The platform is being developed as an open ecosystem that can be connected to existing apps from the MaaS providers NS, RET and HTM. The initiators call on other mobility providers to join so that traveling by public transport, bicycle sharing, car, scooter, and taxi, can be better connected and more convenient.

Read more in the Siemens Mobility press release

Public Transport in Switzerland: Pilot project on compensation for delays - with technology from Hacon

On behalf of Alliance SwissPass, the SBB has conducted a pilot test on delay compensation. The pilot ran from the end of September to the end of October 2020; 300 test customers were involved. 

The pilot project was also a first for a new Hacon product: The HAFAS Time Machine supports transport companies in efficiently managing passenger rights. With the HAFAS Time Machine, it is possible to check quickly and easily whether the individual trip of a passenger was feasible on time. New about this: For the first time, not only isolated segments but also complex connections with several changes can be checked within a few clicks. Potential alternative connections are also checked automatically. The challenge: Routing suggestions (including alternatives) vary depending on the daily traffic and timetable situation and are therefore hard to analyse in retrospect. However, the HAFAS Time Machine makes the complete connection information - as it would have been displayed to the passenger on the day of travel - accessible on the basis of historical data. 

Starting in January 2021, the regular compensation rules will be in effect in Switzerland. These compensation rules apply to all public transport riders. Passengers receive (partial) refunds for delays of 60 minutes or more. The HAFAS Time Machine will be used to check the claims.  

Further information on the HAFAS Time Machine can be found here in our product video.

And the Winner is… Hubi!

German Mobility Award for HUB CHAIN project with autonomous DRT service "Hubi"

The HUB CHAIN project proves that Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) can seamlessly supplement public transport. Under the leadership of Stadtwerke Osnabrück, the research project was honored with the 2020 German Mobility Award: The “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure awarded HUB CHAIN as a flagship project for intermodal mobility. In May, the project had already received the Real Laboratory Innovation Prize by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs as an exemplary source of inspiration for Germany as a location for innovation.

Together with several other partners, Hacon is part of the HUB CHAIN project team. As such, we implemented an information and booking platform for the autonomous “Hubi” minibus, which is being field-tested in various test scenarios in the Osnabrück area. The HUB CHAIN app shows the current location of the bus and can also be used to reserve seats for the journey. HUB CHAIN aims to interlink on-demand and regular traffic in order to better connect suburban and rural areas to urban centers.

We are actively monitoring the developments and will continue to adapt our structures for support based on the situation and prognosis of the various locations. These measures are based on the local and global health official recommendations and supported by a Siemens Task Force.

To minimize the risk of community spread, almost our complete staff works from home. Futhermore, we have eliminated nearly all business trips and reduced social contacts to the absolute minimum. HaCon fully supports remote workplaces and home office. Internal and external communication is secured by the use of several different channels. Virtual team and management meetings take place on a daily basis and ensure a close communication.

We have processes in place to support your operations with prompt and pragmatic responses. Our commitment to your projects is ongoing. At the same time, we are committed to work on new ideas and projects. To mention one advantage, our various virtual tools for communication make it easy to have online meetings on short notice and to include our experts in a conversation. Please reach out to your designated point of contact any time at your convenience.

Further actions taken include:

  • - Nearly all of our staff is working from home
  • - Close communication with all parties involved
  • - High standard of office hygiene for the small number of employees still working in the office
  • - Installation of an intranet page with up-to-date information regarding COVID-19
  • - Avoiding business trips which can be replaced by video conferences or can be moved to a later date
  • - Cancellation of all participation in exhibitions
  • - Cancellation of all external education events
  • - Quarantine process for employees returning from risk areas

The transport industry is doing a terrific job in providing mobility to the public in these difficult times. We are grateful for your service and proud to be part of this community.

Please stay safe and healthy. Together we continue to work on safe and sustainable mobility solutions.

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