A live test run of the project began on January 14, 2020. Staff members of the city of Osnabrück in north-western Germany are testing the new system in a productive setting. Check-in/Be-out (CiBo) is an innovative, simple and fast form of ticket purchasing that enables passengers to travel for the best possible price – the system is fully automated and does not require the user to have an in-depth knowledge of fares.

Check-in/Be-out makes using public transport easier than ever before

With the innovative ticketing system, public transport becomes easier and passenger comfort increases. Buying a ticket before the start of a journey is no longer necessary. Passengers simply check into the bus with a swipe in the local public transport app VOSpilot. As soon as they leave the bus, the CiBo system automatically checks them out. The best possible ticket price is then calculated.

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The VOSpilot App: Routing, Car Sharing and Best-Price Ticketing in one hand

The VOSpilot app for Android and iPhone scores big with numerous popular HAFAS features, including commuter push, departure boards as well as pedestrian, bike and car routing from door to door. Users also enjoy the possibility to book a “stadtteilauto” (car sharing vehicle) directly via the app.

Additionally, mylola, the local last-minute “hot deal” portal, is integrated into the app, offering a vast variety of deals from dining to nightlife, shopping and more. Users can plan their trips to the respective locations and receive immediate routing information to make grabbing their deal a breeze.

VOSpilot is fully available to visually impaired and blind passengers for barrier-free use. Optimized for gesture-based screen readers, i.e. the voice-over technologies of iOS and Android, the app can be easily controlled and all contents are translated into speech.

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