Fighting the Corona Crisis

How the Public Transport Sector Can React to COVID-19

The effects of the corona pandemic will determine our daily lives for a long time to come. Our mobility behavior has also changed – especially regarding travel by public transport. Passengers need understandable rules on how they should behave in trains and buses. The transportation industry can help find effective solutions in order to restore passenger confidence and show reliability. We at Hacon, Siemens Mobility, Bytemark and eos.uptrade believe that detailed, precise and up-to-date information is required to influence the passengers’ behavior and ensure safety in these trying times.

Here you can find Siemens Mobility's complete portfolio of C-19-solutions.

In our action plan, we have put together three measures with one common goal: Help minimize the exposure of travelers by providing relevant and useful information:

  • Updates / Tutorials
  • Adapted Routing
  • Occupancy Analytics

The transport industry is already doing a terrific job, offering mobility to the public in these difficult times. Let us work together to be prepared for actual and upcoming challenges!

With the video below we want to thank all of our customers for the collaboration in the past months! The video is about the future of mobility, jumping into deep water, very private insights into the working environment of our CTO and about passion for detail in train control. It's also about rocket science, personal greetings from New York and that very special hip swing. But first and foremost, it is about saying “thank you” for the team work over the past few months!