Fleet Management with HAFAS Smart VMS

Reliable Connections for Intermodal Travel

HAFAS Smart VMS provides customers with a smart and scalable vehicle management solution. Available as a platform-independent driver app for smartphones, tablets or on-board computers, it gathers real-time data on the current locations of public transport vehicles, communicates with the control center and transmits the data to various passenger information systems. It’s fully web-based and enables any transit agency to immediately get accurate real-time data and CAD/AVL functionality.

HAFAS Smart VMS quality assures collected data and verifies it against available schedules and routes. This allows transit operators to immediately inform their passengers and to take further actions in order to improve their services. Unique features include driver navigation, the ability to create ad hoc trips and to manage connections without dispatch intervention. Empowered by HAFAS Smart VMS, drivers can autonomously decide to wait for delayed feeder vehicles while HAFAS ensures schedule adherence.

User-friendly Solution

With its platform-independent driver app and a web-based control center, HAFAS Smart VMS has already been awarded for its innovative power.


Quality Assurance

High-quality, reliable public transport services without manual intervention of a central dispatch.


Real-time Information

Precise details about delay minutes guarantee comprehensive passenger information – a true plus for travelers!


Data Analytics

Thanks to real-time statistics and reporting functions, disturbances and delays can be easily analyzed.