Intermodal Mobility Management

with the HAFAS IoT Platform

Ensuring the quality of transportation services in large metropolitan areas with a multitude of different mobility options can be a challenge for mobility operators. Connecting public transport to the Internet of Things brings many benefits without expensive or time-consuming upgrades in the vehicles.

The HAFAS IoT platform collects, refines and communicates different data streams in one cloud – all in real time! It generates accurate real-time data across the bus transportation network of SL (AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) in various areas of Stockholm for example. The IoT platform collects GPS positions as well as vehicle activities and enriches them with other data such as the trip being made, recently approached stops or the exact locations of vehicles. The matched data allows the mapping of the current timetable situation at any time. Also, it is available for additional services within milliseconds.

Additional Services