Passenger Rights Management with HAFAS Time Machine

Time Travel Meets Passenger Rights

The HAFAS Time Machine enables transport companies to determine in retrospect whether individual journeys of specific passengers were possible as scheduled. Especially with regards to the EU passenger rights and related compensation claims, the traceability of historical travel data is of great importance.

While previous real-time archives were only able to analyze the course of individual journeys, the HAFAS Time Machine maps the entire routing at the time of the trip – including the associated disruption information – and checks the complete travel chain for feasibility using the historical real-time data.

Even if a journey took place several weeks ago, transport companies can check efficiently, reliably and in great detail if the passenger’s specific case qualifies for compensation. Moreover, it can easily be identified where exactly along the way the delay occurred.

  • Data Analysis

HAFAS Time Machine provides data sets that can be analyzed extensively. They can, for example, be used to optimize connection and network planning. When the HAFAS Time Machine is teamed up with HAFAS Smart VMS, it is even possible to determine at which points between two stops delays occur more frequently to avoid effects on future travel chains.

  • Easy Integration

The HAFAS Time Machine can be accessed via our HAFAS WebApp interface or integrated into existing applications via HAFAS API server.

  • Faster loading times

To ensure that the required information is available within seconds, the data is preloaded to a predefined number of travel days. How many days are preset can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements.


Public Transport in Switzerland: Pilot project on compensation for delays - with technology from Hacon

On behalf of Alliance SwissPass, the SBB has conducted a pilot test on delay compensation. The pilot ran from the end of September to the end of October 2020; 300 test customers were involved. 


Video HAFAS Time Machine

Our Project Manager Waldemar Zimmermann shows in a short video how the HAFAS Time Machine maps the entire routing at the time of the trip. Let's do the time warp!