Structured Data Analysis with HAFAS Statistics

Statistic Software for Optimizing Mobility Services

Imagine being able to understand your passengers wishes and preferences so that you could truly optimize your mobility services to better suit the customer’s needs. HAFAS Statistics, HaCon's statistic software, collects the essential information from your trip planner in order to make this optimization possible.

HAFAS Statistics can help you discover the gems hidden in the trip planning requests made by your customers such as the top 50 points of interest, the top 10 starting points and destinations, and even the number 1 trip request. Moreover, HAFAS Statistics can also compile passenger location information at the time of their request, weather data and the number of activated push subscriptions for even deeper analysis. Using the data collected by HAFAS Statistics can help you understand your customers better than ever before, improve your services and enhance passenger experience. The visualization of your data into diagrams and graphs allows you to review this data at a glance.

Use Cases of HAFAS Statistics

Find Gaps in Coverage

With the data gathered by HAFAS Statistics, you may notice gaps in coverage that you did not see before or be able to determine if introducing on-demand transportation during specific times or for specific areas is more efficient than previously scheduled services.

Basis for Mobility Data Analytics

Mobility apps and their users are an essential source of information that transport providers can use to understand the mobility needs of their passengers better. With our Mobility Data Analytics applications, this data will empower you to make wiser commercial decisions. Our tools allow for a detailed analysis of the supply situation based on the information from HAFAS Statistics.