Traveler Relationship Management (TRM)

Marketing to Passengers with Powerful Tools

Traveler Relationship Management helps operators to relate to their passengers, to meet their needs, to manage customer communication and foster their loyalty.

New mobility options will significantly shape the transportation landscape over the next few years. Knowing, offering and marketing the service and product bundles to the travelers and thereby meeting their  individual needs, poses a challenge for every mobility service provider. Operators can use already existing apps or digital displays to capture the passenger’s attention using banners, launch marketing campaigns, introduce surveys, discover new target groups among customers, approach focus groups and add locationbased context to the communication channels.

How to Master the Traveler Relationship

Get to know travelers and their behavior and start a dialogue via existing apps or digital displays.

  • User profiles and customer segments
    Get a representative image of your passengers based on their preferences, transactions, location and context.
  • Targeting 
    Communicate with a specific audience at specific locations and times, or when performing specific actions in your app.
  • Location
    Use geofences and beacons for location-based context in the communication.
  • Marketing campaigns 
    Automate direct communication,manage customized content.
  • Analytics 
    Quantify the impact of your campaigns and see live statistics of the survey results.

Earning Traveler Loyalty

Benefit by rewarding the customers. Lead their attention to the new services. Increase service usage with initial discounts. Say ‘thank you’ for valuable customer feedback. See how gamification can help enhance the relationship.

  • Event-driven loyalty programs
    Reward specific behavior like registration or first-time usage of new services.
  • Purchase-driven loyalty programs
    Reward the purchased products or the accumulated purchase volume.
  • Tiered loyalty programs
    Gamify the usage of the services or app. Add achievable targets and status.

Traveler Relationship Management provides you with intuitive and powerful tools for customer segmentation. Content management becomes more efficient and effective. Make the most of customer data for targeted marketing and communication, to enhance passenger experience and to create loyalty and business impact.