HaCon Standard xSharing Interface

One Interface for all Cases of Data Exchange

Integrating Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), park & ride options, e-vehicle charging stations or other third-party services into trip planners is a great opportunity for public transport providers. However, harmonizing the variety of different data and data formats in the new mobility landscape is also a big challenge. Our xSharing interface takes it up!

How to find the ideal, tailor-made route from A to B? Easy enough: Just enter start and destination in your MaaS app and click "search"! You will get a selection of options that will bring you to your destination as quickly and/or inexpensively as possible. The HAFAS xMode server automatically combines all available modes of transport to seamless travel chains. To make trip planning this easy, various different mobility providers have to be integrated in the background. Therefore, we need interfaces that define the respective data form and content and allow data processing.

Standardized Interface for the Data Exchange between Sharing Providers and Third-party Platforms

When importing data of sharing providers, for instance, HAFAS xMode uses IXSI (Interface for X-Sharing Information). This standardized interface was developed to enable data exchange between sharing providers and third-party platforms in all known use cases, as well as the booking process via the respective system. IXSI defines what data form needs to be provided in order for HAFAS xMode to use it for intermodal travel chains.

Especially for smaller sharing providers, IXSI’s functionalities are way too complex. In order to enable these operators to integrate their services into HAFAS systems, we have developed the Standard xSharing Interface that enables HAFAS xMode to process information of all kinds of transport providers. It’s an open interface as well that allows transport companies to use a proven standard free of charge. HaCon has already integrated services of more than 70 different mobility providers into HAFAS apps – many more to follow!