Next-Generation Ticketing: Just Go – Pay Later!

Closing intermodal gaps

Seamless trip planning across a variety of transport modes and always the right ticket at hand – travel will become even more convenient in the future. Intermodal travel, however, also holds certain challenges for the passengers, for instance in the physical transition from one mode to another or in buying various electronic tickets. This is where our new smartphone-based ticketing options come into play: Check-in/Check-out (CiCo), Check-in/Be-out (CiBo) and Be-in/Be-out (BiBo) enhance the passenger experience!

Best-price ticketing

Using the GPS-based Check-in/Check-out, passengers check in with a simple „swipe“ when boarding the train or bus and thereby receive a valid ticket for their entire journey. At the end of the trip, the check-out works the same way – then, the cheapest fare is automatically calculated and charged. Travelers easily receive their ticket without having to buy one in advance.

Even easier is Be-in/Be-out: Users only need to activate the BiBo feature on their smartphone – no further action required. The app automatically detects where the trip begins and where it ends. The billing takes place via the saved payment method at the best price – the cheapest fare is automatically calculated for the distance traveled. CiCo and BiBo can also be used in combination, as Check-in/Be-out.

More comfort, step by step

Expanding mobile prepaid ticketing solutions is simple: The Check-in/Check-out option can be easily integrated into existing apps. The further development to a Check-in/Be-out system requires the installation of supporting hardware in the vehicles. The gradual evolution to a comprehensive Be-in/Be-out solution with fully automated logging of the route traveled and automated price calculation offers maximum flexibility for passengers and public transport providers alike – including a certification for rail transport and highest privacy standards.

World Premiere: BiBo in Switzerland

The first implementation has been successfully launched: The Swiss Suedostbahn and the Touring Club Switzerland have extended their mobility apps “abilio“ and “Einfach mobil“ with the BiBo function, called Walk-in in the case of “abilio“. In a first step, BiBo is now available in the trains of Swiss Suedostbahn – whereas CiCo is already used throughout Switzerland.

There are further possibilities for seamless travel chains: Users receive comprehensive information for ideal trip planning in addition to their public transport ticket and can even pay parking fees at the station or book a taxi at their destination – simply via the app and always at the best price.

With Walk-in, we offer travelers a very comfortable, easy and secure solution


Thomas Küchler, CEO Swiss Suedostbahn AG