Train & Capacity Planning

Effective Timetable & Network Capacity Management with TPS

Hacon’s TPS solutions for train planning and capacity management enable network providers and operators to make the most of their infrastructure. Our train planning system helps railway infrastructure managers as well as train operating companies to significantly improve their work and business processes regarding operative timetable planning.

As a modular toolbox and high-performance software solution, TPS combines infrastructure, timetable and train path management as well as all interaction. From strategic long-term planning to annual timetables to short-term planning based on real-time data during operation – benefit from flexible TPS editions and modules: The system can be adapted to a variety of needs!

Tailored to Your Needs

Highly flexible and configurable solutions for railway networks of any size. TPS creates reliable timetables from strategic long-term planning to real-time train dispatching.

High Performance

Multi-user operation is a central element in the software architecture. As a result, trains can be processed by various planners from different organisations on different locations at the same time. Rights, roles, groups and users can be precisely defined.

Fits in Your IT Environment

TPS provides several automated interfaces (e.g. web services) and thus optimally interacts with other systems. Customer-specific functions can be easily integrated. This way, the software perfectly adapts to existing IT infrastructures.