Mobility Data Integration with TPS Integrator

Timetable Data Management and Refinement

HaCon‘s TPS Integrator is a powerful tool used to integrate scheduling data across several public transport providers, closing the gap between planning timetables and providing integrated timetable data via the distribution systems. The software specializes in collecting and processing all timetable data and feeding harmonized data to customer information systems – passengers benefit from door-to-door routing and fully detailed timetable information.

The web-based and multi-client-capable system automatically identifies identical or similar timetable data from various sources and harmonizes them. In addition, importing, editing and integrating data of other operators is possible. TPS Integrator validates this information and exports it according to the user’s needs and requirement levels. The refined data will then be fed to the timetable information system (e.g. HAFAS) that communicates via all its channels.

Import, Edit, Integrate

Combine your own timetable data with other operators to provide seamless travel information.

Web-based and Cloud-friendly

Use TPS Integrator in the cloud or let HaCon do the hosting – no need for additional software components!


Whether handling specific tasks or your transport company‘s entire data management – the sky‘s the limit!

More than Data Integration

Create and export perfect data for any of your sales, distribution and timetable information
channels or systems.

TPS Integrator for UIC

The UIC uses TPS Integrator to guarantee a consistent data quality within MERITS (Multiple European Railways Integrated Timetable Storage). In the central UIC database, nearly the entire European rail traffic is recorded. Each company provides MERITS with its own data and can in turn use data of the participating railways for its trip planners and distribution systems. Duplicate and conflicting information between the data sets are almost inevitable. This concerns orthographical differences in naming stops and stations, varying train numbers, platforms as well as departure and arrival times. TPS Integrator allows the UIC to seamlessly coordinate this information and thus guarantee a consistent data quality.