TPS Online

Effective Real-time Traffic Management

HaCon’s TPS solutions for train planning and capacity management enable network providers and operators to make the most of their infrastructure and significantly improve their work and business processes regarding operative timetable planning and real-time dispatching.

TPS Online has been developed specifically for ad-hoc train dispatching that controls and optimizes everyday rail operations. Short-term disruptions such as delays, broken shunting points or signaling systems can be processed in real time. TPS Online detects conflicts that have an impact on the entire railway network and offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual conflict resolutions. As a result, dispatchers can now immediately respond to disturbances, for example by advising trains to wait for each other, by redirecting them or by scheduling a change of track.

Enhance Your Services

Timetable- and forecast-based conflict detection and resolution help you improve train regulation and operation while reducing delays, costs, and dispatcher intervention. 

Bridge the Automation Gap

Dynamically calculated train forecasts based on real-time train data bridge the gap between trackside and on-board train control, providing ATO-TS target times to ATO-OBUs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Highly flexible and configurable solution for real-time train dispatching, providing several automated interfaces (e.g. web services) and thus optimally interacts with other systems. Customer-specific functions can be easily integrated. This way, the software perfectly adapts to existing IT infrastructures.

TPS Online for Finland

Finrail was one of the first customers to opt for TPS Online to meet all the requirements of effective short-term traffic management. Finrail is responsible for safe and smooth operations of over 500,000 trains that transport 80 million passengers per year. Their services include rail traffic control, traffic planning to reconcile track works and train traffic, maintaining control centers and passenger information services.