TPS Operator

Efficiency in Passenger and Freight Transport

TPS Operator is specifically designed for transport companies that cooperate with network operators according to common standards in order to create their timetables. It allows them to easily and quickly access the current infrastructure database and check train path inquiries for current vehicle positions, construction areas and other factors. Thanks to integrated interfaces, schedules and operational processes are readily accessible. The companies involved can thus react even more flexibly on short notice: Manual maintenance or subsequent data conversion into certain formats are no longer necessary – this saves both time and costs.

Colas Rail Opts for HaCon’s TPS Operator

Colas Rail, one of the leading providers of rail infrastructure services in the world, is the first UK freight operator to adopt HaCon’s train planning system TPS.

TPS Operator has been specifically developed for transport companies that cooperate with major infrastructure managers like Network Rail according to common standards in order to create their timetables. In working closely with their clients and partners, Colas Rail takes a flexible and collaborative approach that allows them to meet their customers’ changing needs and requirements.

TPS allows Colas Rail’s train planners to model, create and adapt optimal schedules across the complex railway infrastructure of Great Britain that has some 32,000 km of network. Each year, over 100 million tonnes of freight is transported across the countr. Over the last ten years, there is 60% more freight carried by rail than there was a decade ago. With TPS, Colas Rail is well-prepared for the future and can constantly respond to the ever-increasing needs across the country.

The Colas Rail Freight business has grown significantly over the past few years and we require a state-of-the-art planning solution to support this growth and meet our customers’ supply chain needs. We look forward to working with HaCon in implementing the TPS system.

Simon Ball, Colas Rail’s Freight Director