Track Work Planning with TPS

Minimizing Construction Impacts on Train Operations

HaCon’s TPS Track Works solution helps to reduce train disruptions and delays caused by track construction works. It enables users to manage all construction sites within their network using one single software. This makes your operations even more effective! 

From strategic planning several years in advance to the coordination of construction projects: TPS Track Works helps to simplify all processes and, at the same time, to schedule operations in a way that minimizes negative impacts on train operations and travelers.

TPS Track Works supports in calculating anticipated delays and, as a multi-user application, provides all stakeholders with an integrated view of current projects – from your employees to external contractors requesting network access. It features an intuitive GUI that facilitates a clear allocation of competencies as well as defining comprehensive workflows.

Microscopic Localization

Benefit from precise plans of the railway network down to details such as signals and overhead wires that let you exactly define the locations of construction sites.

Modern Web Interface

Featuring interactive maps and visualizations as well as responsive design for tablets, TPS Track Works allows for a multitude of stakeholders to access and work on all details of a project from various locations.

Highly Customizable

Procedures and responsibilities can be adapted to your organization’s individual processes – role-based access rights for each object attribute can be flexibly defined.

Simple Synchronization

TPS Track Works can be easily synchronized with your databases for timetable and infrastructure data. Planned track construction works can be fed back to your timetable system as infrastructure restrictions.

TPS Track Works at a glance

Modern and Interactive Web Interface

  • responsive design for tablets
  • customizable interface
  • interactive maps and visualizations

Comprehensive Definition of Workflows

  • clear allocation of competencies

Integrated View for Different Stakeholders

  • all involved parties can see planned track construction works


Microscopic Localization

  • improved quality of track work planning

Web-based Application

  • accessible with any browser from any location
  • simplifies software deployment

All Operations in One System

  • coordination of short- with long-term track construction works