Trip Planner and Travel Companion

Software for Multimodal and Intermodal Trip Planning in Real Time

With HAFAS applications, riders enjoy an efficient and seamless travel experience. Hacon’s award-winning system has already been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide and features door-to-door routing including all modes of transportation, real-time information and individual push notifications. In addition to buses, trains, trams, ferries and even planes, HAFAS provides car, bicycle as well as pedestrian routing.

As an advanced platform for Mobility as a Service (MaaS), HAFAS allows intermodal trip planning and integrated ticketing in several countries and major cities, including Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and the United States. HAFAS has been deployed more than 80 times in high-density and high-speed European transportation networks, setting new standards in terms of comfort, feature richness and accuracy.

It’s fast, accurate & comfortable

Unique HAFAS algorithms will find the fastest and best route from door to door, including real-time information, integrated ticketing and even individual preferences.


It’s multimodal

Combinig different means of public and private transport, HAFAS-based trip planners provide multi and intermodal routing.


It‘s your companion

HAFAS assists you during your trip by pushing relevant information specific to your route only. Our famous commuter alert will inform you in case your daily ride is late.


It‘s MIT-certified

Each day our apps and web-based solutions receive over 100 million requests from passengers who rely on HAFAS to empower their mobility choices; this is why our software is considered the highest industry standard for trip planning and prompted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to honor HaCon as one of the “50 Smartest Companies” worldwide.