HAFAS Kids App

Child-friendly Travel Companion for Save Journeys

The Hacon Kids App's main feature is the simple and intuitive user interface tailored to meet the needs and abilities of younger passengers. Hacon developed the new application based on qualitative analyses with numerous children and their parents, interviews at schools in Berlin and extensive usability tests. By conducting comprehensive research, a variety of factors were considered during the development process, such as insights into the preferred routes and means of transport that children use, as well as how they handle smartphones in general and navigation apps in particular.

In addition to a child-friendly interface and clear structure, both children and parents are excited about the new help function that is always visible in the app: If a child has boarded the wrong bus or needs help, he or she can quickly and easily reach parents or previously defined contacts via text message or a phone call. The app then automatically forwards GPS information regarding the child's location and the cellphone's current battery level.

HaCon Kids App World Premiere

The Berlin-Brandenburg public transport authority VBB proudly presents its brand-new app that is dedicated to child-specific needs.

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Assuming that driver's licenses and private cars will play even lesser roles for the young generation, the importance of public transport will continue to grow. This is exactly where our Kids App comes into play: Children will now intuitively and safely find their way from A to B.

Michael Frankenberg, Hacon CEO and father of two sons