HAFAS Mobile Apps

Apps for Short-term Trip Planning with Locating Function and GPS Routing

They’re small, swift and slip easily into any pocket: Apps, the program dwarfs on smartphones have grown into internet giants. When on the go, it is much more convenient to use an app to get travel information rather than going to the “traditional” website. Apps can really show off their strengths with the locating function and GPS routing and are frequently the preferred choice for local, short-term requests in particular.

HaCon is represented on different platforms with close to one hundred apps and more than two hundred million downloads worldwide. Many of our award-winning mobile trip planners are among the most successful applications in Europe.


Modular App System

Your Travel Companion

With a host of innovative features, our HAFAS apps provide perfect travel companions for trips across all transport modes. Both our native app and our WebApp are constantly evolving to meet current trends, factor in new device generations, implement the latest technology across all platforms and guarantee the utmost usability. Our modular system allows you to easily put together individual components. The result is your custom-made travel companion à la HAFAS – tailored to the needs of your customers and the requirements of modern sales structures.

  • Multi- and intermodal routing combining different means of public and private transport
  • Fast, accurate and comfortable thanks to unique algorithms, real-time information and push services
  • MIT-honored MaaS platform integrating a wide variety of data and interfaces into one comprehensive trip planner

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