MaaS Summit

Welcome to our first MaaS Summit in North America!

Mobility-as-a-Service is gaining more and more importance within the transportation market and is still a challenge for the industry.

With increasing influence on budget, planning, and partnerships, it is critical to evaluate the accomplishments so far and understand how current and planned global MaaS projects are developing. More so, it is necessary to address what has been learned, what are the next steps, and how you and your organization can benefit from all of this.

That is why we - Hacon, Bytemark, BART and SFMTA - are hosting our first MaaS Summit in North America. Tackling those key topics is crucial to strategic decision making when it comes to MaaS.

Join us for our one day event as we connect MaaS providers, transport operators, mobility service providers and other partners to share and exchange knowledge and grow the MaaS market overall. Through expert keynotes, interactive hands-on sessions and a clear focus on networking and discussion possibilities, this event will give attendees a clearer understanding of MaaS, new contacts and the necessary capabilities to make the right decisions for a sustainable, flexible, and interconnected mobility of tomorrow.

We are looking forward to an insightful event with you!