HAFAS.fleet now delivers real-time data for HADAG-ferries in Hamburg

  • HADAG operates a total of 26 ferries in the Port of Hamburg within the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)
  • Thanks to HAFAS.fleet, passengers can now view real-time data in the HVV app and thus always stay informed about deviations from the timetable 

Hannover, June 20th 2024. Since June, all 26 HADAG ferries in Hamburg have been transmitting real-time data to the HVV app. Thanks to HAFAS.fleet passengers can now see current departure and arrival times directly in their app, greatly enhancing their travel planning. HAFAS.fleet is a comprehensive fleet management software that provides real-time monitoring and reporting across the entire operation – no matter if you are a bus, train or ferry operator. 

Key benefits of the HAFAS.fleet solution: 

  • Real-time departure and arrival times: Precise information for better travel planning
  • Increased transparency: Real-time tracking for operators 
  • Data Analysis: Real-time statistics and reporting functionalities 

Real-time data for everyone! Regardless of the size of your fleet, Hacon helps create accurate real-time data to enhance passenger information and trip planning. Our ultimate goal? Seamless travel experiences for all. 

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