Padam Mobility and Hacon launch mobility app in south-west France

  • Regional timetable information for public transport and on-demand transport
  • The “libéA mobilités” app enables access to mobility offers in the Albi area

Paris / Hanover, July 28, 2022. The companies Padam Mobility (Paris) and Hacon (Hannover) have developed a mobility app for the town of Albi and the surrounding area in south-west France, which maps the entire range of mobility options in the region.

With growing mobility offers and changing usage habits, the Communauté d'agglomération de l'Albigeois has introduced a new region-wide brand for its mobility offers: libéA. The new App is a big step in providing people the ability to find sustainable and responsible mobility options. To do this, individual, public transportation and demand responsive transportation are combined to facilitate a new intermodal travel solution for passengers that helps them reach their destinations faster.

The libéA mobilités app has been available to the public since the end of June and was developed by the companies Hacon and Padam Mobility. Users of the libéA app benefit from a seamless travel experience from A to B, and simply provide their starting point and destination to get optimized travel connections. These trips include a variety of transportation possibilities and include the most updated information from the various local transport companies who provide their data for the application.

The core of the trip is formed by public transport services available in the region, however, if there are no public transport connections that make sense (based on time/availability), then the app shows additional on-demand transport services to supplement travel itineraries and provide new options to the traveler. Additionally, stable walking and cycling routes are also integrated so that passengers receive the best possible connection suggestions - from the first to the last mile of their journey.