Padam Mobility launches new on-demand transport 'callheinz'.

In early May, on-demand transportation software provider Padam Mobility launched another service in the southern part of Germany. Together with the districts of Schweinfurt and Kitzingen and Nahverkehr Mainfranken GmbH, the Siemens Mobility subsidiary has developed the new on-demand service "callheinz". The test phase is scheduled to last five years.

In rural areas in particular, providing residents with a well-timed public transportation service is a major challenge. Demand is significantly lower than in urban areas, and mobility needs are too diverse to meet all users with scheduled buses.

Nevertheless, an attractive local transport offer is of course desirable for municipalities in order to be able to guarantee a high quality of life for all. The districts of Schweinfurt and Kitzingen have jointly taken on this task and developed a concept for on-demand mobility together with Nahverkehr Mainfranken GmbH. Padam Mobility was entrusted with the technical implementation.

The new on-demand transport "callheinz" starts in May. Passengers can get on or off at a total of 266 stops in both counties. In addition to the regular public transportation stops, passengers now have access to additional virtual stops that shorten the so-called last mile and make on-demand transportation much more accessible. However, "callheinz" is not a competitor to the existing public transport service.

"Of course, the public transport services will continue to be optimized and expanded by the responsible authorities, i.e. the district of Schweinfurt and the county of Kitzingen. In addition, 'callheinz' complements our service in the best possible way."
Bernhard Hornig, Local Transport Officer, County of Kitzingen

Padam Mobility's solution makes it possible to optimally link existing scheduled transport with on-demand transport. For example, users cannot book if a scheduled bus is available at the same time. Payment can be made directly via the callheinz app or in cash and electronically to the driver, with the fare based on the regional public transport tariff. Selected route- and time-dependent tickets are recognized in on-demand transport for a small recognition fee, whereas the Deutschlandticket, for example, entitles the user to use the service free of charge.

"callheinz" operates from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Journeys can be booked free of charge via app, website or phone.