The best public transport app was developed by Hacon

SmartRide app from Verkehrsauskunft Österreich for Verkehrsverbund Tirol is rated best by users. Furthermore, Hacon wins first place in the category “Best app-developers”.

Hannover, June 30th, 2023. Mobility apps are now a daily companion in our life, helping us to find the best route as well as the best offer. About to find out what users rate positively, civity Management Consultants analyzed the user ratings of 170 apps with significant download numbers in Germany and Austria.

The apps were divided into the following categories depending on their features and were rated in those categories: Best public transportation app, best XiXo app and best MaaS app. The overall ratings of the various apps are based on a weighted analysis of the user ratings of the respective app in the Apple app store and the Google play store. The number of ratings and the rating points of both app stores were multiplied and combined. From these total scores, the final ranking was formed. The overall ratings of the apps also served as the basis for the "Best app-developers" category.

The best rated public transport app by users in Germany and Austria was developed by Hacon: SmartRide. Hacon developed and optimized the SmartRide app for Verkehrsauskunft Österreich (traffic-information Austria) and Verkehrsverbund Tirol (Tyrol transport association). At first, the timetable information was only available for Tyrol, but now the app offers all timetable data for the whole of Austria. The SmartRide app always uses the most up-to-date data and thus helps with a realistic comparison to always find the best connection - whether by bus, train or tram, for foot and bike paths or for car routes.

In addition, providers represented with at least 4 apps in the comparison were rated in the category “Best app-developers”. Hacon was also represented with many apps and was therefore evaluated in this category. The determined overall ratings of the respective developer's apps served as the basis. Hacon's apps emerged as the clear winner from the comparison and took 1st place as the best app developer ahead of Mobimeo and GeoMobile.

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