Ready for the Deutschlandticket - eos.uptrade customers are well prepared

The political agreements on the Deutschlandticket have been concluded and nothing stands in the way of its launch on May 1st. Customers of eos.uptrade are technically well prepared for the soon to begin advance sale of the fare revolution.

Hamburg, March 13th 2023. Transport companies who use an existing subscription system for the Deutschlandticket can easily integrate it into the eos.ticketingsuite mobile shop. This provides passengers with the convenience of finding the new ticket in a familiar app environment.

At the same time, all other functions of the existing app can be used, including information, real-time information and the familiar range of fares. For the integration, it does not matter if the subscription system only provides basic information to the eos.ticketingsuite and the barcode (VDV or UIC) is generated and signed there, or if ready-made travel authorisations are transferred.

An alternative, even easier approach is offered by the new product from eos.uptrade. It does not require an external subscription system; instead, the Deutschlandticket is offered for (initial) purchase directly in the mobile shop via the eos.ticketingsuite, also as a VDV or UIC barcode. The ticket can be purchased without delay for immediate travel using existing user accounts and payment methods, but of course also in pre-sale. At the end of the first month, passengers will then automatically receive the Deutschlandticket for the following month. However, should users decide to cancel the automatic renewal, they can easily do so themselves with just a few clicks. Here, too, passengers benefit from the fact that purchase and use take place directly in the mobile shop and thus all other functions can be used in the familiar app. 

With, eos.uptrade offers the easiest sales for the easiest ticket.

Learn more about the eos.ticketingsuite here