Siemens Mobility and Hacon deliver TPS.plan to Serbian Railways

  • TPS.plan will contribute to the modernization of Serbian railways as planning software for infrastructure, timetable and route management
  • The project will make an important contribution to the digitalization of Serbia's railway infrastructure

Hannover, March 13th 2024. The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia has signed a contract with Siemens Mobility for the delivery of TPS.plan, a software developed by the Siemens Mobility subsidiary Hacon. In addition to the delivery, integration and maintenance of TPS.plan, the contract also includes the installation of a database and the delivery of the necessary hardware servers and workstations.

TPS.plan is an innovative software for timetable and train path management including a train path ordering module. Based on a microscopic representation of the rail infrastructure and considering various rolling stock and signaling characteristics it creates highly accurate timetables for strategic long-term planning, annual timetables and operational planning. It enables maximum utilization of the railway infrastructure and short-term adaptation of timetables to the needs of the train operating companies and the conditions on the route.

"The application of the software will improve the overall competitiveness of the Serbian Railways, both employees and passengers, will feel the benefit. With the implementation of this project, the Government of Serbia continues to improve the railways with the ultimate goal of railway transport becoming the backbone of the further development of traffic in Serbia", said Goran Vesić, Minister of the Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the Government of Serbia.

Frank Gerken, CEO of Hacon and head of the TPS business segment within Siemens Mobility Software: "We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the digitalization of the Serbian railroad infrastructure."

TPS.plan can be used stand-alone or in combination with other products from Hacon’s TPS.suite, like for live dispatching and network-wide optimization or TPS.trackworks for rail construction site planning and coordination.

TPS.plan is already being used successfully by other European customers, e.g. by SNCF Réseau (France) or Network Rail (UK).

More information about TPS.plan and the TPS.suite