Hacon Welcomes Padam Mobility to the Siemens Mobility Family

Siemens Mobility has announced that it has acquired Padam Mobility, Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for on-demand and paratransit software solutions, headquartered in Paris, France. The acquisition intensifies Siemens Mobility's commitment and engagement in the field of intermodal mobility solutions.

The market is increasingly acknowledging that on-demand services are a useful and attractive supplement to the traditional, timetable-based public transportation system. These services help to bridge the service gaps in low-frequency periods and low- to mid-density regions as well as on the first and last mile – and they do this in a way that is efficient for operators and convenient for passengers at the same time.

“Joining the Siemens Mobility family for intermodal travel is a tremendous opportunity. It will make Padam Mobility's ambitions even more relevant: reconnecting territories, making mobility policies more impactful in the low and mid-density areas, and offering modern paratransit services. Siemens Mobility's trust in our team, our vision and our agility will make our foundations stronger,” said Grégoire Bonnat, Co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility.


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