Siemens Mobility Completes Acquisition of Sqills, a Leading Rail Software Provider

Together with Hacon, eos.uptrade, Bytemark and Padam Mobility, Sqills will become part of an interconnected software portfolio where a wide variety of services for public transport are brought together, so passengers can easily identify and directly book the trip option that best meets their needs.

Siemens Mobility has completed the acquisition of the Netherlands based company Sqills. Sqills is a leading provider in the provision of cloud-based inventory management, reservation, and ticketing software to public transport operators around the world. Sqills will be managed as separate legal entity and wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Mobility, a structure that will allow Sqills to strengthen its leading position in offering innovative, smart, and comprehensive mobility solutions.

The acquisition of Sqills, and its state-of-the-art “S3 Passenger” online booking system, is the latest example of Siemens Mobility’s dedication to developing its software portfolio for digital intermodal and connected mobility solutions.

Founded in 2002 in Enschede, Netherlands, Sqills currently employs 160 people and has a sharply growing scalable SaaS-business model. With 33 operators across nine countries, Sqills is quickly becoming the provider of choice to leading transport operators, such as SNCF, Irish Rail, Rail Delivery Group, SJ, Via Rail, and Eurostar.

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