ITS World Congress 2018

Hacon and Rejseplanen Proudly Present MaaS App MinRejseplan

Just in time for the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, the new multimodal MaaS app MinRejseplan comes with integrated shared mobility services and special features exclusively for congress visitors.

Hacon is happy to supply a new, multimodal app for Denmark: MinRejseplan offers users various travel options – from train, metro and even a self-driving shuttle bus to ferries and sharing services. As a special highlight for the ITS World Congress 2018 from September 17-21, the app will provide congress visitors with an electronic ticket granting free transportation with all public modes in Copenhagen and including special discounts for sharing services and taxis.

In addition to the regular public transport services all over Denmark, Hacon helped Rejseplanen to integrate several demand-responsive and shared mobility services such as Flextrafik, taxis as well as carpooling. This ensures that, even in rural areas, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) becomes a reality, independent of private car ownership. "The success of on-demand traffic is experiencing a major boost – especially due to digitalization in the booking and payment process. MinRejseplan already offers the convenient booking of shared mobility services with just a simple click," says Michael Frankenberg, CEO Hacon. "The ITS World Congress is a great opportunity to create focus on MaaS: MinRejseplan will show over 10,000 attendees how far ahead Denmark is when it comes to merging the data of public and private forms of transportation into a digital solution."

Christina Hvid, CEO Rejseplanen: "Together with all the public transport companies in Denmark we want to increase mobility and make it easy to be on the move. Better mobility has three big outcomes: the citizen gets a better quality of life, public transport usage increases and in general, society benefits from the increased mobility. Therefore we have developed MinRejseplan where all means of transport are integrated. With MinRejseplan, we contribute to those three outcomes by creating the basis for an individual, efficient and, at the same time, eco-friendly mobility."

Establishing Mobility as a Service – this is what Hacon and Rejseplanen have been working on together within the scope of the MinRejseplan project. Based on Hacon's flexible and secure Mobility Marketplace, a wide variety of data and interfaces have been integrated into one comprehensive trip planner – from public and private transport to demand-responsive services (DRT), road traffic information, car sharing providers, taxi, bike and pedestrian routing. The new MaaS app will eventually be integrated into Rejseplanen, Denmark's digital trip planner and one of the most popular apps in the country with over 3.7 million downloads.