Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Combining Different Modes of Transport to Intermodal Travel Chains

Establishing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – this is what Siemens Mobility, HaCon, eos.uptrade and Bytemark are working on together. Based on our Mobility Marketplace, a flexible and secure MaaS platform, a wide variety of data and interfaces are integrated into one comprehensive trip planner. Whether native app or web browser – many of our applications already incorporate much more than just bus and rail data of a single operator or transport association.

Our Mobility Marketplace allows combining different modes of transport to intermodal travel chains including public and private transport, demand-responsive services (DRT), road traffic information, carsharing providers, taxi, bike and pedestrian routing. Its task is to suggest the smartest combination of different options. Automatic best-price calculation at the end of the trip guarantees utmost flexibility and comfort across all transport modes, beyond tariff zones.

“The Future We Want”

MaaS empowers mobility app providers – be they public transport operators, municipalities or others – to drive eco-friendly transport strategies forward.

Mobility as a Service & the C40 World Mayors Summit HaCon CEO Michael Frankenberg

HaCon Standard xSharing Interface

One Interface for all Cases of Data Exchange

Integrating Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), park & ride options, e-vehicle charging stations or other third-party services into trip planners is a great opportunity for public transport providers. However, harmonizing the variety of different data and data formats in the new mobility landscape is also a big challenge. Our xSharing interface takes it up! 

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