Padam Mobility achieves 5 million trips in just four years

The on-demand services operated by Padam Mobility have completed a total of over 5 million trips since 2019. Padam Mobility's solutions are currently deployed in over 10 countries worldwide, with the company being a market leader in France.

Hannover, July 20th 2023. Padam Mobility, headquartered in Paris and acquired by Siemens Mobility in 2021, has achieved significant milestones in its operations. Over the past four years, the on-demand transportation services provided by Padam Mobility have successfully completed more than 5 million trips.

The company launched its first on-demand service in 2016 in Bristol, United Kingdom, in collaboration with RATP Dev. Soon after, services were introduced in the Greater Paris area and Orléans in France, which are now among the largest on-demand services globally. Padam Mobility's presence is also growing in the DACH region, where eight transport operators and municipalities rely on the company's on-demand solutions.

Enhancing rural mobility
While public transportation services in urban areas are usually easily accessible and reliable, rural or peripheral regions often lack these benefits. Padam Mobility's solutions address this issue by focusing on connecting users to the main transportation axes. This approach reduces dependence on private cars, enables greater social participation, and offers easy access to retail and other services.

Cost-effective and efficient
On-demand services can be an effective complement to fixed-route services for communities, especially when demand is low, such as at off-peak times. In this way, on-demand transport can contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective public transport offer. Padam Mobility's teams analyze various data to determine the most suitable design for a mobility service, ensuring it meets user needs while operating in a resource-efficient manner. On-demand services only operate when requested and can dynamically calculate the best routes to accommodate all trip requests.

Furthermore, it is possible to unify different transportation companies and providers on a single platform. Padam Mobility operates the world's largest on-demand network called "TAD IDFM" for the Île-de-France Mobilités public transportation authority in the Greater Paris region. Since 2018, the service area has gradually expanded and now covers over 40 areas, where 123 vehicles transport passengers from point A to B. Padam Mobility also collaborates with the Verkehrsverbund Großraum Ingolstadt (VGI) in Germany to operate a regional mobility platform. The service, called "VGI-Flexi”, serves users in the regions of Beilngries, Scheyern, and Denkendorf, with plans to expand into additional areas of the VGI catchment area in 2023.