Information and Ticketing

Information, Booking and Ticketing Systems

The information and booking systems from Hacon and eos.uptrade provide an efficient and seamless experience for travelers. Door-to-door route planning including all modes of transport, real-time information and customized push messages help keep passengers fully informed. In addition to buses, trains, streetcars, ferries and flights, cars, bicycles, scooters or footpaths can also be included in route planning. We also integrate ticketing into our solutions, so that passengers can use all mobility services with just one app and one account.

Everything that makes traveling easier ...

Optimal Routes

Our algorithm finds the fastest, most sustainable or cheapest routes from A to B. Users decide which criteria should be used to optimize their search and receive respective suggestions – including real-time information.

Integrated Ticketing

The ideal route has been found and a valid ticket can be directly purchased within the app. Ticketing should work that easily and it does. With XiXo, our affiliate eos.uptrade offers a solution that makes purchasing tickets even easier.

Push Notifications

Travelers benefit from relevant information about their connection that is sent to their smartphone. Our commuter alert informs passengers in case their daily ride is late.


Video Features

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