DART Testing Intermodal Trip Planning

with New On-Demand Service Pilot

With its latest update, the HAFAS-based MyDART app now provides riders with intermodal trip planning, connecting them to DART’s bus network via multiple on-demand services.

The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART) offers an upgrade for taking transit in Greater Des Moines, Iowa: The MyDART app for both Android and iOS devices as well as the MyDART trip planner on its website now feature a brand-new on-demand service pilot. With the launch of “Flex Connect”, DART now provides customers with additional transport options when traveling to or from specific areas in Greater Des Moines. Within the defined “Flex Connect Zone,” users can book a free Uber, YellowCapCo., or another DART-accessible vehicle that will take them to one of three transfer points where they can catch a ride with one of several bus routes in order to get to their final destination. Riders will only pay the regular bus fare when connecting to a DART route – the “Flex Connect” on-demand services will be free of charge for the duration of the pilot program, ending in October 2020.


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