Multimodal Mobility Platform for Zurich

Using New Mobility Smartly

With more than one million people living in the metropolitan area of Zurich, this city in northern Switzerland is definitely a traffic hub. As the number of new mobility providers increases, the newly enriched transportation network has to contend with an added layer of complexity. A new multimodal mobility platform, developed by HaCon on behalf of the city Zurich, will soon help residents and travelers find and choose the most efficient means of transportation.

Tram, taxi, e-bike or car sharing – as the number of mobility offers grows, passengers have more choices when traveling within the city of Zurich. The new trip planning app will help them find the most efficient way and mode of transportation to bring them from their current location to their final destination. In addition to public transport, bike and pedestrian routing, various sharing providers will also be integrated into the comprehensive trip planning app that is planned to launch sometime during the summer of 2020.

The multimodal routing app is a first big step towards making Zurich a smart city

In order to offer passengers the ideal route for their trip, all third-party providers will be able to gain access to the mobility platform on a non-discriminatory basis. The trip planner is supposed to be independent of the mobility operators’ individual business models; such is the wish of the Zurich Public Transport (VBZ), the Traffic Department and the Civil Engineering Department of the City of Zurich, who will develop the multimodal routing platform together with HaCon. HaCon supports this vendor-neutral approach through a highly intelligent intermodal routing logic, open interfaces and a stable long-term system operation.

"The app will support Zurich on its way towards becoming a Smart City. It will help users to organize their trips ecologically, economically and practically in unison with the city’s infrastructure. Travelers can use the existing means of transport individually for their travel planning," says Dr. Susanne Grün, project manager of the Zurich Transport Authority.