Efficient Disruption Management with HAFAS.info 3.0

Experiences with the Update of HAFAS.info from Austria

An improved performance, an enhanced overview and automatic real-time information – with an updated HAFAS.info 3.0, Hacon has created a highly efficient solution for disruption management. In Austria, an association of seven regional network operators (ARGE ÖVV) uses the new system, Thomas Eichinger, disruption management manager at ARGE ÖVV, reports on their experiences.

Austria-wide, HAFAS.info is a central platform used for the communication of disruptions in the networks of the ARGE ÖVV members. HAFAS.info ensures that passengers in Austria receive correct information about current deviations from the timetable at all times. The system works based on rules and generates routing-relevant data for the information systems.

 "Since numerous users plan their journeys with our trip planners, we have to meet a large number of individual requirements. With its new message types, HAFAS.info 3.0 enables us to fulfill the passengers’ wishes," says Thomas Eichinger, disruption management manager at ARGE ÖVV.

Faster and Improved Passenger Communication

With the new version, customers receive a truly renewed user experience: HAFAS.info 3.0 features an improved design and performance, shorter load times as well as a responsive layout.

Predefined scenarios are supported with easy to use templates. This enables ARGE ÖVV to react to events quickly and with assured quality. The rule-based processing of disruptions increases efficiency particularly well.

"The module for the assessment of impacts proves to be an extremely convenient and fast way to provide disruption messages exactly where they are needed. The new dashboard facilitates the communication between users in case of special events, "says Thomas Eichinger. In addition, the clarity of the system’s structure has been improved significantly.

Updates can now be Implemented even easier

The users of ARGE ÖVV are very happy with the new HAFAS.info, reports Eichinger. But, there is still room for innovation.  "New requirements we would like to implement in future versions have already popped up,” he says.

With the upgrade to HAFAS.info 3.0, ARGE ÖVV can aquire  enhancements, new features and future upgrades  quicker and easier than before. This is an important prerequisite for being able to react promptly to market requirements.

Hacon regularly introduces new modules that complement HAFAS.info 3.0. For example , the new Status Cockpit clearly shows whether messages are known in all information systems. This  feature visualizes where synchronization may be disturbed and thus creates the basis for quick error diagnosis and correction.

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